A new way of managing your reference images!

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Simply Powerful

Minimalistic interface stays out of your way.
Hotkeys make it super flexible


Store your layouts for later,
one preset for each of your assets .


One single executable,
No installation required.

You're in control.Your reference where you need it.

Kuadro is an image viewer that allows you to open as many windows as you want, lay them out as you need them and store those layouts for later.

It was designed to stay out of your way, and work around you.

Getting Started

Mike Pavlovich runs us through how to get start with Kuadro. Many thanks to Ryan Gitter and Brad Jeansonne for their concept art.

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For support or feedback email us at support@kruelgames.com

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License Information: Kuadro is released AS IS for free for any use including commercial usage. The only restriction is that you cannot redistribute Kuadro as your own. If you find it useful please consider a donation to pay for hosting costs

What's New

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Version 0.9.5 !

Back In Business After a long Hiatus, development on Kuadro has started back up! Send your feedback to support@kruelgames.com for more features

Oh Snap! Kuadro panels now snap to each other, making it easier to lay down those OCD perfect layouts

Import from Clipboard Add from Web has been replaced with the ability to take any image saved to your clipboard. Copy and it's magically opened in Kuadro

Auto Save Now Kuadro can auto save your reference boards, never lose work again

Works on Latest Macs Updated Kuadro to work on OSX High Sierra

Reset Layout This tray right click menu brings all of your images back to the first monitor

Files from Anywhere Bug fixed where images from network drives and drive that were different than the ref file weren't saved

Sorting PreservedOrder of the images is now respected when you save

Shift Resizing Holding down Shift while resizing your Image will now also zoom it properly

Open Last Saved Kuadro will automatically remember the last ref file you had open and open it

Large Image Support Kuadro will now be able to handle larger images than before

Smooth Rotations R + Arrows or LMB will rotate your images slowly, holding shift will snap them to 90 degree increments

Bug Fixes Several smaller fixes, including a few cases where Kuadro would stop updating

Gumroad Links If you prefer to keep all of your files together, Kuadro is now available in Gumroad

Get Kuadro For Windows Get Kuadro For Mac

Version 0.8.5

Mac Compatible Kuadro now runs on Macs! (tested on OSX 10.9 and above)

Startup Speedup Version .8 introduced some slowdowns during startup, those are now gone

Image Icons Your image is now represented in the taskbar icons

Send to Top in the Right Click Menu The handy spacebar shortcut finally got a right click counterpart!

Minor Bug Fixes Zooming with the mouse on the X Axis no longer only zoom out

Minor Bug Fixes All 4 resize handles hide properly when not on focus

Version 0.8.0

32 bit compatible Kuadro now runs on 32 bit machines

Relative Paths The image location is now store relative to your .ref file, this means you can move your reference and images around, or use them from a USB!

Open Image from the web You can now open images from the internet! Add them using links or dragging and dropping into Kuadro

Convert to Grayscale Turn your images to black and white and then back to color by hitting G

Handles in Every Corner You are no longer limited to only 2 handles, have one in every corner

Minor Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with images resizing after losing focus, a wrong description in the about dialog, and changed the way duplicate image positions the new image

Version 0.7.0

Drag and Drop! You can now drag and drop images from windows explorer onto an open Kuadro image to open them

Open Multiple Images Dragging and dropping multiple images into the Kuadro exe now will open all of them, not just the first

Bug Fix Fixed an issue with opening files with spaces on their path

Version 0.6.1

Bug Fix Fixed a bug opening files saved in version .6

Version 0.6

Tablet Zoom Shift + Alt + Left Click lets you zoom in and out with your mouse

Transparent Windows Kuadro can now respect the alpha on PNGs. Hit Shift T to make your window transparent

Switch Active Image Tab and Ctrl + Tab will now allow you hop between images, useful if you have a cluster of images on top of each other

Minimize all Hitting M will minimize all your windows, you can restore them from the tray icon

Bug Fix on Long Thin Images Images smaller than 500px no longer confuse Kuadro

Save on Quit Kuadro will now ask you to save your preset before quitting

Even more minimal The small frame around the images has been removed

Multiple instances allowed Images will open on the newest instance of Kuadro, but you are now capable of running multiple instances

Version 0.5.2

Open in same instance Opening multiple images with Kuadro will open only one Kuadro Instance

Consolidate Taskbar Icons Hide Taskbar Icons changed to Consolidate Kuadro Icons, so you can still access Kuadro from Taskbar

Version 0.5.1

Zoom Shortcuts Update - + and -: Zoom in and Zoom out, No need for the Ctrl key

Version 0.5.0

Paint Through Kuadro - When you lock Kuadro's images your mouse events pass through to the application below! This allows you to use Kuadro to trace images in other applications

Hide Taskbar Icons - You can now hide Kuadro from the taskbar, in order to remove clutter when you have many windows open

Save Over Preset - S now saves over the current Preset, Shift S does a Save As...

Fit To Image New Shortcut - Shift F will now do Fit to Image instead of I

Zoom Shortcuts - Ctrl + and Ctrl -: Zoom in and Zoom out

Adjusted Zoom Sensitivity - Should give you more control in zooming

Version 0.4.0

Open With - You can now open image files and .ref files with Kuadro from Windows Explorer

View Other Images in Directory - Right and Left arrow now let you browse other images in the same directory!

New Shortcut - Shift + R + Arrows : Rotates the images and fit the window to match rotation

Version 0.3.0

Global Always on Top Shortcut - Added Shift + A as a global always on top shortcut, the same functionality as the tray icon

More data being saved in presets - Always on Top and Lock Images are now stored in your presets

Temporary Disabling of Always on Top - Always on top gets temporarily disabled during Browse File popups

New Image bug fix - New Images respect Global Always on top settings

Version 0.2.1

Rotation Shortcuts - Added R + Right or Left Arrow keys as a shortcut for rotating 90 degrees

Version 0.2.0

Transparency - Right Click Menu or Hold T and Left Click and Drag to increase and decrease the window opacity

Rotation - Right Click Menu or Hold R and Left Click and Drag to rotate your image, add shift for smaller increments